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RTE Unplugged #13: Unlocking Potential: Navigating Negotiation in SAFe Environments

This podcast episode features as the host UncleEduardo, welcoming Galina Sabogal to explore the role of negotiation in SAFe, emphasizing its importance across various levels and contexts.

Galina shares her extensive experience in negotiation and agile transformations, highlighting the need for negotiation skills in SAFe environments. She discusses how negotiation occurs in everyday life and how it translates into agile methodologies like SAFe.

Key message? Trust, Common Ground, and Agility are Vital: Trust-building, finding common ground, and remaining agile during negotiations are crucial. These aspects enable effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, ultimately leading to successful outcomes in SAFe implementations.

RTE Unplugged #11: Navigating Intercultural Agility in Agile Teams: Insights from seasoned professionals

This podcast episode features UncleEduardo as the host, interviews two professionals: Ralph and Rakshith, both Release Train Engineers at Airbus, on the topic of intercultural agility in the context of agile teams.

They share their backgrounds, experiences, and insights on the importance of understanding and navigating cultural differences within agile teams, particularly in the face of globalization and remote work trends. They discuss various aspects of cultural diversity within teams, such as communication styles, hierarchy, and timing preferences.

RTE Unplugged #10: Leading with Agility: Navigating transformation and people-centric leadership

In this episode, the host, UncleEduardo, is joined by Jean-Baptiste Bernard, Agile Coach/Solution Train Engineer at BPCE, a banking group in France.

They discuss leadership, agility, and transformation within organizations, particularly in the context of Agile frameworks like SAFe.

Overall, the discussion sheds light on the complexities of Agile leadership, the challenges of organizational transformation, and the importance of people-centric approaches in driving success.

RTE Unplugged #9: Conversations with an RTE on building success

This podcast episode features host UncleEduardo and Mary Molloy-Rios from Maxar Technologies. They are discussing various aspects of agile transformation and the role of an Agile Release Train Engineer (RTE).

Mary shares her experience transitioning from an engineering role to an RTE role, highlighting the importance of being a people person and fostering collaboration within teams. They discuss the significance of the quote "Only look back to see how far you have come" and how it relates to maintaining optimism and celebrating accomplishments.

Eduardo and Mary also discuss the intrinsic motivation required for the RTE role, emphasizing the lifestyle aspect of agile and the fulfillment derived from facilitating team collaboration and success.

RTE Unplugged #8: Agile Sales: Redefining Success and Collaboration

In this episode, the host, Eduardo, is joined by Tobias Schönhaar who works at Gladwell Academy as Business Development Manager.

They discuss the synergy between sales and agility. Tobias shares valuable insights challenging traditional sales approaches. They stress the alignment of contracting practices with agile principles, advocate for openness in collaboration, and highlight the significance of defining success collectively.

The conversation explores passion in product management, the necessity of humility in teamwork, and the impact of cultural differences in diverse teams. Key takeaways from the RTE Summit, such as transparency and trust in teams, are discussed.

RTE Unplugged #7: Obeya Revolution: Transforming Agile with Visual Excellence and Efficiency

In this episode, the host, Eduardo is joined by two experts discussing how to use Obeya to supercharge Agile. The experts, Ron and Bertus, both from Aegon, introduce themselves and share their experiences with Obeya.

Obeya is described as a Japanese term for a large room, either physical or digital, where strategy is connected to execution. It facilitates informed decisions and creates a shared understanding within a group. The discussion emphasizes visual management and the importance of placing essential information on the wall to make informed decisions.

The guests highlight the connection between Obeya and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), explaining how they use it for product owners, Scrum Masters, system architects, and Agile coaches. They discuss the kind of information shared on Obeya, including goals, objectives, metrics, and flow problems.

Building the LACE You Need

What does high performance military training have to do with Lean Portfolio Management? Find out on this episode where #UncleEduardo sits down again with Adam Mattis, The two catch up since their last meeting and discuss portfolios, some trends they are seeing and how value, specially when it comes to things like PI Planning is more than just make money.

Deep Dive: Product Management

Have you heard the news? 2023 is the year of the product manager. Well, it is, according to Eduardo Alvim, senior trainer/consultant and SPCT. In this episode, he and Adam dive into why product management will be front and center this year—and what that means. They also discuss the five types of product managers and the importance of storytelling in product management.

Pitfalls to avoid while Implementing SAFe

Pitfalls to avoid while Implementing SAFe by Eduardo Alvim, Francesco Corda and Raul Barth.

"Listen to Unlearn is a podcast to rethink the traditional approach to work and support you in your digital transformation. #BeBetterThanYesterday

Que faire si votre équipe n'accepte pas de nouvelles méthodes de travail agiles ?

Que faire si votre équipe n'accepte pas de nouvelles méthodes de travail agiles ? par Eduardo Alvim et Marina Voropaeva, formateurs et consultants chez Gladwell Academy

RTE Unplugged #1: Complexity and Large Organizations: Is Simplification Possible ?

In this episode, the host #UncleEduardo and the guest Priscilla Maurits, Global Agile Practice Leader at Philips, discuss how to simplify complexity in large organizations through an integrated, customer-focused approach involving diverse teams and iterative development.

Priscilla shares how Philips is transforming with initiatives like "Agile 360" to build internal capability and involve employees at all levels.

Key message? Start with the customer needs and "walk back" to find solutions.

RTE Unplugged #2: Public Sector Agile Insights: Continuous Improvement with an Experienced RTE

In this episode, the host #UncleEduardo welcome Gerben, an experienced Release Train Engineer (RTE), who shares insights into his role in the public sector. The main focus is on continuous improvement, inspecting and adapting, and Gerben emphasizes the importance of breaking silos and fostering collaboration.

Key message? Prioritize gaining experience, continuous improvement, and stepping out of one's comfort zone.

RTE Unplugged #3: From the Dojo to the Boardroom: Lessons in Agility and Perseverance

In this episode, #UncleEduardo welcomes Cyril Gaujous, an experienced agile coach and martial artist, to discuss the intersection of martial arts and agile methodologies.

Cyril shares insights on adaptation, practice, and focus, drawing parallels between the two disciplines.

They explore themes of perseverance, continuous improvement, and leadership's role in fostering trust within teams. The conversation offers valuable perspectives for professionals seeking to enhance their agility and resilience.

Key message? Merge agile principles with resilience strategies for effective leadership and continuous improvement in organizations.

In this episode, the host, #UncleEduardo, interviews Andrew Sales, who is an expert in Agile and a Chief Methodologist at Scaled Agile.

The discussion revolves around the role of Agile Release Train (ART) and its importance in achieving end-to-end flow in the Agile framework. Andy emphasizes a shift in focus from assessing individual team agility to evaluating the flow of value to customers.

Key message ? Ask critical questions, make workflows visible, and close the loop on improvements to deliver measurable value to the organization.

RTE Unplugged #4: Empowering Agile Release Trains for Business Impact
RTE Unplugged #5: Agile Mastery and Team Management

New podcast in our "RTE Unplugged" series: our latest podcast series recorded during our recent RTE Summit, hosted by Eduardo Alvim and featuring special guests!

In this episode, the host, ⁠Eduardo⁠ discusses agiles practices with ⁠Emilie Canty , Release Train Engineer at iMSA, a French insurance company. In this podcast, Emilie shares experiences managing a complex platform with a collaborative approach.

The conversation covers engaging Scrum Masters through decentralized facilitation, making coaching meetings efficient with visual tools and workshops, and the evolving role of a Release Train Engineer towards team autonomy.


New podcast in our "RTE Unplugged" series: our latest podcast series recorded during our recent RTE Summit, hosted by Eduardo Alvim and featuring special guests!

In this episode, the host ⁠Eduardo⁠ is joined by ⁠Kevin⁠ and ⁠Wolfgang⁠ from ⁠Catworkx⁠ to discuss the intersection of Agile and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

They emphasize the importance of AI serving as an assistant to Agile teams, helping in decision-making and optimizing processes. The conversation touches on the role of humans in decision-making, the need for data to train AI models, and the potential of AI in detecting patterns and providing recommendations.

RTE Unplugged #6: Agile Insights: Navigating the future with AI as your assistant